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❤️Nitesh and I met back in 2012 in college in Bangalore. This was the first time we were away from our respective homes.

He hails from Telangana.❤️

I’m raised in a mangalorean-east Indian household. 


❤️We got to know each other as we were part of the same friend circle in class. We were part of group assignments, projects, hangouts and parties. I was more of a shy person while Nitesh loved being around people and that’s what he was known for in college. ❤️

❤️After a year of being just classmates, Nitesh began to have feelings for me and made an attempt to get to know me on a deeper level. I started getting aware of this and began talking to him. It took us several dates and texting to realize that this feeling was much more than just a crush. ❤️ 

❤️At many intervals we called quits on the relationship since both of us were of different wavelengths at one point. But we always found a way back to each after all those disagreements. The thought of us being from different backgrounds never really occurred to us till the time we started talking about settling down together. ❤️

❤️My parents have always been liberal and the concept of inter caste marriage never bothered them. Nitesh’s family has been extremely traditional and that bit was a matter of concern for us. ❤️

❤️For almost two years we contemplated on what was ahead of us and how would we bring the topic up with his family. On the other hand, my parents had been getting impatient as they were clueless too. But Nitesh had always given me and my family an assurance that he would never let us down. ❤️

❤️In 2018, Nitesh officially asked my parents for my hand and spoke to his parents as well. Our families met and it was nothing like we had imagined. Our parents got along so well and our families realized that we had so much in common with each other’s cultures and traditions. ❤️

❤️Before we even knew it, we tied the knot in both the traditions just the way we had imagined. We had a beautiful intimate wedding at a church and temple in Mangalore.❤️

❤️After all the chaos,

Planning and Inhibitions we had about this wedding

I loved every bit of this journey with Nitesh. ❤️


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