MEGHA, "That Dumpling Girl"

Megha Polali, also known as our beloved "That Dumpling Girl," is a dedicated foodie, a skilled chef, and an overall food enthusiast.

Her passion for food ignited at the young age of 12, and she learned the art of cooking from her grandmother and mother.
With her exceptional culinary skills, she has captured the hearts and taste buds of Mangalore locals.

Megha specializes in crafting mouthwatering Asian dishes and runs a weekend-only Boutique Kitchen, where her offerings are in high demand, often selling out quickly.
Her noodle bowls and dumplings provide a comforting experience that people didn't know they needed. Moreover, she has gained a reputation for baking some of the best cookies and doughnuts in town.

When she's not busy cooking up delectable dishes, Megha enjoys draping sarees and posing for her mother, who happens to be a photography enthusiast.