Sam & Dee, two best friends, two women with a lot of passion, two souls with a lot of dreams.

Sam, the Soul of SD, @samlivious_

Dee, the Dreamer of SD, @deepikavasani

together with their love for people, pictures & plants,

together with their zeal for art, aesthetics & adventure,

together with their hearts for stories , spaces & simplicity

have put up one hell of a show called “Soul Dreams”. @souldreams.archived

Soul Dreams is a small business that adores humans with an eye for art. We wish to fulfill the dreams of all our artisans who put their soul into making these products for you.

All our artisans are filled with talent, only they lack exposure. Soul Dreams is a platform that brings these stories together to your homes.

Their vision: Touching your soul, one dream at a time.

We additional Souls that are added to the team, who will be sharing the dream with the core team. Manish Shetty and Alisha Rego will be adding to the charm of the brand that already is.

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